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Part #221 $60.00 per hitch kit

Piggybacking requires positive securement of the highway trailer to the rail car without the cumbersome and inefficent manual tie-down systems. This has been accomplished with the development and refinement of both automatic and semiautomatic “trailer hitches” or ” stanchions” applied to the deck of a piggyback car. Trailer hitches are operated either with a special electric or pneumatic hitch wrench, or by the tractor being used to load the trailer onto the car. (The Car and Locomotive Cyclopedia, Fourth Edition 1980)

This 1/12th scale model of the Pullman Standard Model LP-3SA Trailer Hitch captures the detail of the trailer securment systems used throughout North America. The kit includes parts to assemble one (1) trailer hitch. The following parts are included in the kit: hitch 5th wheel, vertical support, angled support, base plate, and all necessary hardware for assembly. Kits are shipped machined but unassembled and unpainted.

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